“We use this data to focus our marketing on EXACTLY what our customer base is interested in.  We don’t have to spend time and money guessing anymore.”

Eric Cotton, Silver Crest Cellars

Focus on:

to “pay particular attention to”.

Strategically advance based upon real business intelligence.

What would you do if you knew?


  • Provides a complete picture of how YOUR customers experience your business.

Focus on SERVICE


  • Develops your in-depth understanding of how your customers think about PRICE.

Focus on PRICE


  • Comprehensive investigation into the elements of value for WINE CLUB members.

Focus on WINE CLUB


  • Top of MIND placement
  • Engagement
  • Actionable INSIGHTS
  • Candid comments (eWOM)
  • Email addresses
  • Photos you can use
  • Resolution items
Warning: customer INSIGHTS are addictive!

In development:

Join us for our Focus on FUN!

This FUN quiz tool asks non-googable questions about your winery and provides storytelling answers.

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Kristofer Sperry


1.812.720.9606 US

49.0176.8747.3151 EU (WhatsApp reaches me also)

“Check out what my friend Kristofer has been working on.  Being that I work with data everyday, it is a very powerful tool that can be used in so many ways!”

Will Stolincy, ComDoc

Within our first 27 responses we learned/received from our customers:

  • (2) product suggestions.
  • 1 of our guests doesn’t come anymore because he doesn’t know where our handicapped parking is (with an email address so I could write him).
  • I had lost $230 of event sales because she got hung up in our ticket buying process (and didn’t contact me).
  • (6) great marketing quotes.
  • (2) really cool photos (with permission to use).
Kristofer, Myrddin Wine Company