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Check out what my friend Kristofer has been working on!  Being that I work with data and insights everyday.  It is a very powerful tool that can be used in so many ways!

Will Stolicny, ComDoc

360° Customer INSIGHTS Program benefits:

Choose your 360° Insights Program:

  1. You have a survey to use at all times that you are an INSIGHTS customer.
  2. Your responses are UNLIMITED.  You will receive INSIGHTS, Email addresses, comments, and photos from every response that provides them.
  3. By changing the survey, you change the questions.  By changing the questions it allows you to learn more from people who respond again and from new people who participate while you get more Email addresses, comments and photos.

All programs allow you to:

  • Leverage the system as a communication tool, a staff motivation tool, a marketing tool, and a customer relations tool.
  • Gain customer UNDERSTANDING that leads to actionable INSIGHTS.

Why choose 4,6 or 12?

  • 4,6 or 12 is the number of new surveys with new survey questions.  Ask more…learn more.
  • More new questions increases your depth of understanding and the number of times that you can interact with the same customers.

Terms of use:

  • Stop at any time.
  • Be refunded for any unused surveys. (Of course we will ask you why!  That’s our thing!  But the reason will never matter for your refund.)
  • Your results are yours and remain yours.  We will NEVER share your results in a branded way.  We will use parts of your results anonymously within our global service satisfaction index.

Interested to get started?  Questions?  Let us know!

Market Value: $348*

Program options and pricing:

360° INSIGHTS: 4

89/mo. (annually)
  • 4 unique surveys per year
  • New every 3 months
  • Unlimited responses
  • No contract
  • 10% reduction for annual payment
  • 267/Survey

360° INSIGHTS: 6

109/mo. (annually)
  • 6 unique surveys per year
  • New every 2 months
  • Unlimited responses
  • No contract
  • 10% reduction for annual payment
  • 248/Survey

360° INSIGHTS:12

189/mo. (annually)*
  • 12 unique surveys per year
  • New every month
  • Unlimited responses
  • No contract
  • 10% reduction for annual payment
  • 189/Survey

Ask    Analyse    Act

In our first week we collected about 120 survey responses.  Within these results we received an add-on product idea that I think could be worth conservatively $6,000/year.  A couple of these…and it really adds up!

The ideas are there.  Now it’s up to us to make something out of it.  In our case, the value of what we get from our customers and this program is so much more than it costs.

It’s a “no-brainer”.

Thank you SUPERIOR!

Evelyn, Myrddin Wine Company

They will be talking about you either way…

How about having them talk WITH you?