Warning: customer INSIGHTS are addictive!

Great INCENTIVES get great results

Answer this question and you have it:

What is in it for me?

This is the question we all ask ourselves before we do anything.

Present something that is wanted by your market while at the same time benefiting you…now that’s the win-win we are looking for.

Use our experience and tools to help you develop and communicate your incentives in creative and effective ways.

Your dashboard includes the 360° INSIGHTS Master Calendar, Incentive Worksheet, and Success Tracker.

With great incentives your response rates skyrocket and your benefits increase!

Ways to structure your incentives:

Example Incentive:

Here is an incentive that I just received in an E-mail.  It clearly states the reward (who wouldn’t want an Apple Watch?).  They give a clear deadline.  I know why they want me to do it and what’s in it for me.  Something I don’t know is what are my chances of winning.

How you design your incentives and communicate them are totally up to you.  Use our templates or create your own.  There are no limits and no rules.  What will you offer that will turn heads, get them on their cell phones responding and is relatively easy for you?  Let’s find out!

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