So, after getting kicked out of yoga (yes..I am still wondering how that is even possible), I had a renewed enthusiasm for using my gym membership.  Honestly, the reason I started yoga in the first place was because my experience at this gym had not really been so great.  Yes, of course being healthy and having muscles that any lady would swoon over were important aspects of my motivation to go.  But this wasn’t my REAL motivation for going.

Which makes me wonder, how often do the REAL reasons we do things correspond with the obvious or anticipated reasons?  People are wonderful and complicated creatures.  Rarely is anything quite so simple.

What I really wanted was to connect to somebody.  Anybody.  I was hoping to make some new friends and start something that would be social.  What I got was a totally different experience.  Unless you are a training partner (which I wasn’t) nobody talks to anybody.  I came and went without connection with anybody.  Not even a smile…

Another workout done and I was going through the turnstile already thinking about dinner when I thought I heard something.  I was unsure and just kept on walking.

The next time I entered the gym, it happened again.  I heard something. Someone had actually greeted me.  “Hello.” Short and to the point.  Again, so unaccustomed (after 2 years of coming and going) to this kind of customer interaction, I looked around to find the source. Without responding, I just kept on walking.

A new staff member had joined the gym team.  She said hello and goodbye.

It might seem like an insignificant act.  I noticed that for me (the one who had come to the gym looking for social contact), it was really big.  One person doing one little thing had totally changed my experience and perception of the gym experience.  I went from someone who had told others: yeah, it’s ok, but totally unsocial.  I would not recommend it. To someone who probably would find some positive aspects to share if asked.  Her initiative created a massive shift in my feelings.

I doubt that her manager knows the huge impact that she has on me.  I doubt she will ever get the praise or recognition she deserves.  At the gym, there is no customer response mechanism for me to do it.  I won’t go to the desk and talk with the manager.  Let’s just say my previous conversations with him don’t motivate me to want to do it again…

I do think it is important for her to know how much her friendliness has changed my experience.  Maybe today I will find the courage to tell her.

Snaps for superior service!