“Getting to know your customers, understanding their buying style and needs, and then treating them like you would like to be treated remains the Golden Rule of customer loyalty. Just remember that low involvement visitors are not like most winery managers or staff; they do not think often or deeply about wine and the various cues we manage. High involvement consumers are more like winery personnel; they do think and consider the cues we provide.”

From: Using Involvement and Brand Equity to Develop a Wine Tourism Strategy
by Larry Lockshin, University of South Australia, Australia; and Tony Spawton, University of South Australia, Australia

Take away: we need to know which kind of customer we have in front of us and then know how to treat them.  Helping our staff to know how to ask a few questions right away (like: “Are you interested to know more about the growing season this year?”) and then gauging the reaction.  Having identified the level of involvement then directs the sales approach to meet our customers where they are and in the manner that best suits them.  It saves staff time and energy (low involvement customers just don’t want to spend that much time with us!). And it makes sales more rewarding as you spend the time with those customers who want your time.

Share this insight with your staff and enjoy a Win-Win for all!