Silver Crest Cellars Survey (1) 2019

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Survey 1:4 (2019):

For creating links and in social media:

Copy/paste the syntax into the posting field or the link field.  This will show a cover photo that we put into your survey.  You add text to communicate your incentive and create excitement!

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Short Web Address:

This is a website address that is easy for your guests to type in if they are not using a link or QR code.

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Website Code:

This embeds the survey into your website so that your visitors see the first question.  You add text to “ASK” them to do it and to explain the incentive.

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Email Code:

Copy/paste this code into your mailchimp or other E-mail service code box to see the first question in your E-mail.  This code does NOT work with Gmail or Outlook.  For these applications, create a regular link (with the top link code shown above).

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QR Code:

For printing on your in-house or other signage to make an easy connection to your surveys for those who have a QR code reader (most smartphones use the camera).


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