Of course we did a study!

Once we developed our concept enough that we understood how we wanted to bring our clients VALUE and how we will do it, it was time to do some market ASKING.  (Thank you to our helpful industry members who gifted us their time and expertise!)

The image to the left shows the questions that we asked and the average of the responses that we got.

Additionally, we asked a fill in question:

What would make you say “yes” to implementing this program?

A short list of some of the answers:

  • Low cost, comparisons to other wineries
  • Cost vs. benefits
  • Strong data proving that the survey results established correlation and causation to improved revenue stream.
  • When and where can this begin!
  • Customer experience, price, ownership of data

With these suggestions, we have developed our 360° INSIGHTS Program and our FOCUS studies.

We encourage you to join us as we learn and grow!