I was recently in Marseille and stopped into a little shop. I wasn’t looking for anything really, but a t-shirt caught my eye. In typical French fashion, we were warmly greeted as we entered. Then, as I looked at the shirt the salesperson came over and told me the story of the man who focused his whole life on designing and selling these t-shirts. He did it all over the world from his car so that he could see the world. When he couldn’t travel anymore, he began selling the t-shirts through shops. The design was cool and the shirt quality was good (quality product), but without the story I probably would have been fine without it. With the story I feel somehow connected to this guy and his traveling t-shirt company. It makes me feel happy about what I bought. Now, that is the most valuable t-shirt I have.

Well done Nadine and Jean-Richard of La sardine en Vacances!