I love Saturday morning and the chance to go to the outdoor market.  I buy my cup of coffee and wander.  You know what I mean.

So today I want to share with you two experiences that impacted me enough to share them with you.  (I know you know this already, but sometimes a little reminder is helpful.)  Let’s start with the tiny apple.  On my way to the market I noticed that I was already hungry and so I stopped in a fruit shop that is in the city on the way.  I never shop there because I assumed that in that location the prices would be higher, the service would be typically unpleasant, and the products just ok.  I pick out an apple and proceeded to the check-out.  I was so surprised to meet a wonderfully pleasant, energetic, and SMILING woman who sold me the apple and gave me a tiny apple as a bonus.  Yes…TINY!  I can imagine it was culled out of the basket from the front as being too small.  But…she took this tiny apple and with a smile and a few words in mixed Italian to explain why these apples are particulary tasty, made a loyal customer out of me.

I imagine the apple cost her very little.  Her time with me would have been the same to be so pleasant or not.  The explanation made me feel that she cared about me and my apple eating experience.

It’s not hard to do…but we do benefit from thinking of creative ways to help our customers feel good.  When they do…they come back.  (And they tell others.)

I see that this has gone on a little long…so I will follow up with the avocado next time…