How could you benefit from “what if” thinking?

First a little side trip:  I once read a book about parenting (that is my go to when I realise that I have no clue).  My granddaughter was on the way and I wanted to be prepared.  The book I chose wrote about first understanding the kind of person my new granddaughter would be (this book described 4 possibilities) and then treating her in the way that she needed to be treated.  The positive promised was that if I could do this, our relationship would be easy and close and rewarding for both.  The warning was that if I didn’t master this, I would create moments of conflict and disharmony.  Take home: the exact same interaction could go in different directions depending upon my approach.

Fast forward to sales staff interactions.  We all want happy customers.  Our reasons for wanting them are probably different.  For your staff, monetary gain directly associated with successful sales interactions is probably what we think of first.  Another might be that happy customers are easier and more fun to spend time with and the day feels better.

As people, we can be a complicated bunch.  We move toward pleasure and away from pain.  Always.  We are highly motivated by praise.  We are especially uplifted by praise IN FRONT OF OTHERS.  How might your staff act when they think: “What if” the next customer you spend time with is the one who will write a complimentary comment about you?  “What if” that comment is read in front of all of your co-workers at the staff meeting?  “What if ” that comment is posted where everyone in the company (including top management) will read it?

Would they act a little differently?

We think they might.  Snaps for superior service!



You can wait and see what your customers offer…or you can ASK with your own INSIGHTS program.  Of course, we are happy to help you do it!