Did you know that wineries are “slow adopters”.  We drag our feet and wait until a trend is in full swing before we jump aboard.  In Sept. 2006 Facebook was opened to the general public.  By 2008, 100,000 business accounts existed.  When did you start your business Facebook page?

According to Rogers who developed the Diffusion of Innovation Theory (DOI), the most positive influencing factors for innovation are size and level of resources. 

The most negative is the level to which power is centralised.

How does your organisation support innovation?  As you recall, marketing is the insightful understanding of customer VALUE often organised into (4) categories. (The 4 p’s of Marketing)  Innovation can be found by manipulating one category or by creating new combinations.

Do you take time for innovation?

Do you support risk-taking & allow for failure (or success!)?

Do you seek sources for inspiration?

Do you allow the freedom to innovate?

When your team knows that the top ranks support them amazing things happen.  If they fear the repercussions of failure, they probably won’t stray far from the standards.

My step-mother had a great perspective:  If you always agree, one of you is redundant. 

You hired a stellar team, harvest their capabilities.  Give them the power to be exceptional!

We wish you a year of innovation, connection, and non-redundance!

Kristofer & Your SWSI Team