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A wholistic strategy to increase satisfaction, retention & revenue.

“Who should be the most valued customers to most craft wineries?  Those customers that generate the most sales.  Who are they?  Wine club members.”

Mark Norman, Wine Industry Executive & Wine Club Member

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Wine Club Maintenance Tool

055$(Max. per member* + tax)
  • After shipment “Did everything arrive OK & are you pleased?” inquiry
  • Send 1-2 weeks after each wine club shipment
  • Communicates care
  • Develops member relationships
  • Provides immediate knowledge of problems
  • Innovate based upon your Voice of Customer
  • Please note: Price is annual. Use the tool as many times as you ship per year. Plan is based upon your number of members.

Wine Club Review & Analysis

  • Review of Wine Club Offer
  • Member FEEDBACK
  • Success Factor Index
  • Member Loyalty Index
  • Member Value Analysis
  • Innovation: “I wish there were… “
  • Objections
  • Website User Experience Review

Program Advantages:

Program Advantages:

  • Investigate by ASKING

  • Learn from existing RESOURCES

  • Analyse & INTEGRATE


Wine Club Market Study

Dec. 2019 Summary


Purchase the WINE CLUB Market Study with Corona discount: $398

We are convinced that by working together we will achieve more.

What would you think about the possibility to meet each month with industry leaders who are also developing wine club products?  If you would like to do so please let us know.  We are putting together a mastermind group of qualified industry professionals.