Warning: customer INSIGHTS are addictive!

I would never recommend something that I had not tried myself.  We did our first survey run with our Facebook account.  An average post receives between 300-500 views.  We posted and I went to dinner very excited to see what would happen.  I was simply amazed!  Not only were we getting responses but in the first 27 responses I had learned: (2) new really good product suggestions, that one of our guests doesn’t come because he doesn’t know where our handicapped parking is, that I had lost $230 of event sales because she found our ticket buying process difficult, gotten (6) great marketing quotes and (2) photos.  24 hours later we had 54 responses, many actionable suggestions and it will be live all month!  Next we will send it out to our email list and put it on our website.  Worth it?  Without a doubt!  Can’t wait for more!

Kristofer, Myrddin Wine Company

Your CUSTOMERS will tell you everything you want to know…


We help you ASK.

360° wine customer INSIGHTS collection system

The 360° Customer INSIGHTS program is for wineries that:

  • are looking for new, fun, & informative ways to connect with customers.

  • will DO something with the emails, photos, quotes and feedback the system brings them.

  • believe in building relationships.

  • would rather make wine than play with survey software.

It’s just that SIMPLE.

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