I would never recommend something that I had not tried myself.  We did our first survey run with our Facebook account.  An average post receives between 300-500 views.  We posted and I went to dinner very excited to see what would happen.  I was simply amazed!  Not only were we getting responses but in the first 27 responses I had learned: (2) new really good product suggestions, that one of our guests doesn’t come because he doesn’t know where our handicapped parking is, that I had lost $230 of event sales because she found our ticket buying process difficult, gotten (6) great marketing quotes and (2) photos.  Can’t wait for more!

Kristofer, Myrddin Wine Company

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The 360° Customer INSIGHTS program is for wineries that:

  • are looking for new, fun, & informative ways to connect with customers.

  • will DO something with the INSIGHTS, email addresses, photos, quotes and feedback.

  • believe in building relationships.

  • would rather make wine than play with survey software.

The Focus on PRICING program is for wineries that:

  • want to develop an additional understanding of customer price parameters.

  • want support for a VALUE based pricing system.

  • may want to benefit from a FOCUS group.

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Exceeding expectations requires preparedness and the more a manager can do to know the customers, what they are looking for and where they have been, the better the tasting room will be positioned to deliver a world-class experience resulting in happy customers and financial gains for the winery.

Stephanie (Friedman) Wycoff, Chapter 11 Strategic Winery Tourism and Management