Sales Strategy, Training, Feedback & Events

Strategy Development

Together we develop the roadmap to your success.

In seminar style meetings. let's start with a review of our basics: Product, Price, Place & Promotion. Our Gap Analysis reveals opportunities. We wrap up with an Action Plan that outlines step by step measurable actions to take to achieve set goals.

Sales Training

Your sales force is the key component in your customer's experience (D2C and B2B).

Equip them for success!

Our service training is designed to cultivate emotional connection and the formulation of long term relationships.

Secret Shopping & Website Review

What are your customers experiencing? Let's find out!

First, let's start by asking for feedback and making it easy. It is truly amazing what your customers will tell you if you ask.

Then, use our website review and on location secret shopping service to receive meaningful experience reports to highlight areas of possible improvement.

Relationship Building

There are many ways to be Top of Mind when your customers want to buy wine.

  • Events & Experiences

  • Wine Club & Memberships

  • "Your Brand" Wine University

  • Over the Top Service

  • Branded merchandise

Let us help you grow your Customer Relationships!

Want to work together and achieve high results? Let’s talk.